Mapping PC Printing

Mapping Printers on PC

There are two different ways to go about mapping the printers on your pc, one of which is to download the attached file and walk through the steps and the other is to follow the manual setup instructions listed below.How to set up printing on a PC:


  1. Search for “Windows Explorer,” which is also the folder icon where documents, downloads, etc. are found.

  1. At the top of the window there is a bar that says “Libraries.”  In this bar, type \\smcprint01 and press enter.

  1. This will open a window with two folder icons and tree printer icons.  Double click on the folder labeled “PCClient.”  From here click on the folder labeled “win”

  1. Double click on the client-local-install.exe and this will install the printing software PaperCut.

  1. Click on the back button of the window you are in until you are back at the screen with two folder icons and three printer icons.  Double click on the printer icon labeled Black_and_White in order to add the printer.

  1. You have now successfully installed the printing software.  Simply choose the printer named “Black_and_White” to send your jobs to the campus printers.


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