Mapping MAC Printers

Manually Mapping Mac Printers

Step 1: Click on your desktop

Step 2: Press the Command and the K key

Step 3: In the server address bar, enter the following: smb://

Step 4: This will pop up a menu that looks like the image below. You will want to choose the PCClient (this stands for "Paper Cut Client") 

Step 5: Once you click select PCClient this menu will pop up, and you'll open the Mac folder 

Step 6: Copy the Konica driver to the desktop and run it (highlighted below) 

Step 7: Run the from the "Mac" folder (highlighted below)

Step 8: Add the printer by going to System Preferences -> Printers & Scanners

Step 9: Click the + sign to add a new printer

Step 10: Right click on the toolbar next to the Windows icon, then drag the Advanced icon to the toolbar. 

Step 11: Make the new printer window look exactly like the image below and click Add. 


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