Network Drives

Our network drives are the ideal storage location for all your work and class files. All users have access to two main drives, known as the "Z" and "O" drives. These drives are automatically made available on any SMC owned computer while on campus. The content of these drives is backed up on a continuous basis, so your files are safe from corruption or accidental deletion.

The Z drive is your personal storage space. Only you have access to your Z drive. This is the ideal spot for faculty, staff, and students to store your academic and professional work. 

The O drive is a shared, departmental storage space. These locations are restricted to access lists, so only those on the list can access the files. This is the perfect place to store documents and files that need to be shared with groups of people (for example, clubs, committees, and academic departments).


If you would like to request a new O drive folder, or want to change the members of an access list please use the links on the right.

Request New O Drive Folder


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