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Administrative Software Support

Support for Colleague, Slate, Blackbaud, and other business-centric software



Blackbaud is software that streamlines the daily operations of Institutional Advancement



Course management software

Colleague Account Application Form

Colleague Account Application Form

Color Printing

Information on Color Printing

Computer Support

General support for hardware and software issues on your office computer


Desktop Exception

Request an additional desktop/laptop computer.

Digital Signage

Digital signs across campus show important information


Equipment Loan

Need to borrow a laptop, iPad, or other electronic equipment?


Faculty & Staff Email Support

Request support for Faculty and Staff email accounts

File Recovery

Request the recovery of a file stored on our network shares


Hardware Request

Request monitors, mice, and other office equipment


Instructional Design Services

Our Instructional Designers can help you integrate technologies and pedagogies into your in-person, online, and hybrid courses

Instructional Design Services

Need help designing or updating your courses? Learn how to integrate the newest tools both in and out of the classroom


Knight Sites

A Knight Site is the Saint Michael's College branded web authoring tool that allows users to design blogs and websites using the WordPress platform. Knight Sites are used to support academic projects and SMC clubs.


Mailing Lists

Internal mailing lists for clubs and groups


The mySMC portal is your one-stop-shop for all things SMC.


Network Drives

Our network drives are the ideal storage location for all your work and class files


Office Move

Moving? Let us know!

Oracle Finance

manage budgets, purchase cards, invoices, and other financial tasks


Pulse Secure VPN

Pulse Secure is a tool that tricks your computer into thinking it's on campus, giving you access to all the on-site resources and tools from anywhere in the world!


Request to have Echo 360 Recordings Automatically Recorded

Request to have Echo 360 recordings automatically recorded.


Software Request

Request new software for SMC owned computers.

Student Computer Support

Having an issue with your computer? The Helpdesk can offer general support for most applications and operating systems.

Student Printing Support

Support for setting up printing on student computers


Teaching Assistant Statement of FERPA Understanding

Teaching assistant FERPA form


Course-capture software

Telephone and Voicemail

Information on our telephone and voicemail systems


Video Conferencing

Use programs such as Zoom and Skype to video chat

Virtual Desktops

Our Virtual Desktop system allows users to connect to an SMC computer from anywhere in the world! These Virtual Desktops give you access to your Z & O drives, Microsoft Office, and all the Course Applications (Maple, Minitab, SPSS, etc).



Public workshops on topics including Classroom Technologies, Office Software, Internet Safety and more!