Export Favorites from Firefox

Export Favorites from Firefox

How to save and export favorites from Firefox.


  1. Open Firefox. Click on the three horizontal lines in the upper right hand corner of the browser window. Then click "Bookmarks."

2. Select "Manage Bookmarks”

3. This will open a new window showing all of your Favorites Folders. Highlight the folder you would like to export to a browser on a different machine. Note: you may highlight multiple folders by holding down the Ctrl button while left clicking on the folders. Then click "import and Backup" and click "Export Bookmarks to HTML..."

4. Rename the file as desired and save. To import the bookmarks on your new machine transfer that html file to the new computer via USB or network drive.

5. Go through steps 1-3 as listed above. Then, click on the Import and Backup tab in the Bookmarks window, and this time select Import Bookmarks. Find the file previously saved and open that. All of your saved Favorites will now appear with that same folder name when you go to view all of your Favorites.

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